Wednesday, September 30, 2015

SB I-680 Marina Vista Off-Ramp to Reopen in Martinez

State of California • Department of Transportation



Southbound I-680 Marina Vista Off-Ramp to Reopen in Martinez

Martinez, Contra Costa County – The Interstate 680 southbound off-ramp at Marina Vista/Waterfront Road in Contra Costa County is scheduled to reopen this Friday morning, October 2 at 6:00 AM. The off-ramp was closed for four months to allow removal of the old structure, including a seismic retrofit of the southbound structure over Marina Vista/Waterfront Road and replacement of the southbound Marina Vista/Waterfront Road off-ramp.

In addition, a one-lane emergency access route was built to connect southbound I-680 with northbound I-680. This access route is intended for use by emergency vehicles if an earthquake results in a closure of southbound I-680. Marina Vista and Waterfront Road remained open during the extended ramp closure.

Starting Monday October 5 following the ramp reopening, the temporary signal system and pedestrian signal heads/push buttons at the Arthur Road detour will be removed.
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