Monday, September 26, 2016

Highway 12-Laguna De Santa Rosa Bridge-Bike Signs 9-26-16

State of California • Department of Transportation


Date: September 26, 2016
District: 4 - Oakland
Contact: Vince Jacala
Phone: (510) 286-5206


State Route 12-Laguna De Santa Rosa Bridge
Bicyclists May Use Full Lane
Motorists and Bikers Advised to Travel with Caution
During Bridge Construction

SONOMA COUNTY – The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) has posted “Bicyclists May Use Full Lane” signs on the State Route 12 (SR-12)
Laguna De Santa Rosa Bridge near Sebastopol in Sonoma County.

The signs remind bicyclists and motorists that bicyclists are permitted by law to utilize a full traffic lane when traveling over the SR-12 Laguna De Santa Rosa Bridge.

SR-12 Bridge Construction and Current Conditions
The bridge is currently under construction and is temporarily without shoulders or sidewalks. When bridge construction is complete tentatively in December 2016, new shoulders and sidewalks will be accessible to bicyclists and pedestrians.

No public access- Beneath Bridge or behind safety barriers
No pedestrian or bicycle traffic is allowed beneath the bridge or behind the temporary concrete barriers at any time during bridge construction. Please observe all safety signs and watch for large construction equipment on and beneath the bridge.

SR-12 Laguna De Santa Rosa Bridge Project
Everyone traveling the bridge is advised to travel with caution as Caltrans continues construction of the new bridge which replaced the old SR-12 Laguna De Santa Rosa Bridge at the same site.

The old bridge is being replaced after years of scouring at its base from the Laguna De Santa Rosa Creek. The bridge will remain open during construction which started in spring 2015 and could be tentatively completed in late 2016.
Please #BeWorkZoneAlert.

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The bridge may also experience additional bike traffic due to the temporary closure of the nearby Joe Rodata Trail bike path operated by Sonoma County Regional Parks.

For information on Sonoma County Regional Parks and its trail:

Caltrans appreciates the community’s patience as we work to construct the new
SR-12 Laguna de Santa Rosa Bridge.


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