Friday, May 6, 2016

I-780 Intermittent Overnight Ramp Closures-May 6-May 13

State of California • Department of Transportation


Date: May 6, 2016
District: 4 – Oakland
Contact: Vince Jacala
Phone: (510) 286-5206


Interstate 780 – Major Pavement Repair
Benicia and Vallejo
Work for Friday, May 6 – Friday, May 13

SOLANO COUNTY – Caltrans continues major pavement repair of seven miles of westbound and eastbound Interstate-780 (I-780) between Benicia and Vallejo in Solano County. Project will be completed as early as summer 2016. Work is weather permitting.

Although no full highway closures are scheduled, motorists may experience delays as crews work on I-780 with intermittent, overnight, alternating ramp and lane closures.

The following ramps and connectors will be closed intermittently starting at 8:00 PM until 5:00 AM the next morning Friday-Friday May 6 until May 13. Crews will alternate ramp closures. No two consecutive ramps will be closed at the same time. Detour signs will be posted. Caltrans will make additional announcements for work beyond May 13.

Intermittent Overnight Ramp Closures-WB and EB I-780-Benicia-Vallejo
• 5th Street onramp/offramp
• East 2nd Street onramp/offramp
• Southampton Road onramp/offramp
• Military West onramp/offramp
• Southbound I-680 connector to westbound I-780
• Columbus Parkway onramp/offramp
• Glen Cove Road onramp/offramp
• Cedar Street onramp/offramp
• WB/EB I-780 connectors to and from EB/WB I-80 (10:00PM-4:00AM)

Crews will also alternate closures of one of two traffic lanes on westbound and eastbound I-780 between Benicia and Vallejo nightly, Mondays-Fridays 9:00 PM until 6:00 AM the following mornings. Saturday’s work is from 9:00PM until 9:00AM Sunday. All work is weather permitting.

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Caltrans appreciates your patience as we work to maintain California’s highways.
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