Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Interstate 80-Fairfield-Full Overnight Highway Closures-10 Nights-Start March 22

State of California • Department of Transportation


Date: March 4, 2015
District: 4 – Oakland
Contact: Vince Jacala
Phone: (510) 286-5206

Interstate 80-Green Valley Road-Fairfield
Full Overnight Highway Closures-10 Nights-Start March 22

SOLANO COUNTY– Caltrans and the Solano Transportation Authority (STA) will install false work on the new Green Valley Road/Interstate 80 (I-80) overcrossing above I-80 in Fairfield as part of the I-80/I-680/SR-12 Interchange Project.

Eastbound I-80 Overnight Closures-start March 22
To ensure worker and public safety, five consecutive nights of full highway closures are scheduled on eastbound I-80 between State Route-12 (SR-12) and Green Valley Road starting Sunday, March 22 until Thursday, March 26. Closures are scheduled each night Sunday through Thursday starting at 11:30 PM until 4:00 AM the following mornings.

Westbound I-80 Overnight Closures-start April 9
Five nights of work on westbound I-80 are scheduled starting Sunday, April 5 until Thursday, April 9 from 10:30 PM each night until 3:00 AM the following mornings. All work is weather permitting. Detour signs will be posted.

Detour Routes-Eastbound I-80 detour starts at Green Valley Road. During the closure, eastbound I-80 motorists will be detoured to the Green Valley Road off ramp, then proceed along the on ramp adjacent to mainline eastbound I-80, then re-enter eastbound I-80.

Westbound I-80 detour starts at Suisun Valley Road. Westbound I-80 motorists will be detoured to the Suisun Valley Road exit, then onto Neitzel Road, left on Business Center Drive, left on Green Valley Road, then enter westbound I-80.

Northbound I-680 to westbound I-80 motorists will be detoured to Green Valley Road, left on Central Way, left on Pittman Road, continue to Suisun Valley Road, left on Business Center Drive, then left on Green Valley Road, and enter westbound I-80.

For real-time traffic, click-on Caltrans Quick Maps at:
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Caltrans appreciates your patience as we work to improve California’s highways.

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  1. I live off of Green Valley Road near Mangels. In order to get there e.g. if coming in via EB 80 (Lopes/Green Valley Rd) wherein I turn left taking me up and over the 80 'over crossing' on Green Valley Rd, and just BEFORE Business Center Drive, there is a treacherous patch of very rough roadway. I MUST always slow down before "hitting" it as it will most certainly damage my under belly and/or shocks/suspension. People behind me get angry that I'm slowing down. I live in fear I'm going to get rear-ended here. To further explain its EXACT location is just where those moveable white barriers on the right end as we are now given 4 lanes instead of that "skinny" one lane just before Business Ctr Drive where one can choose either the 2 left turn pockets OR 2 straight ahead lanes. Now that it's raining, it has become even worse as erosion has now started. I realize you are working on this interchange, and it may sound counter productive for you to smooth this out, but I have asked others and they agree with me. This is the ONLY way in for me unless I'm fraught with having to go to the next exit which I feel is a definite inconvenience and time waster. I am all for reducing the cost of this project as I know it ultimately impacts us, the tax payer, but this is really a very small area, but it's become quite treacherous. Would you please consider putting a bit of asphalt on this area to smooth it out? It looks to be not more than 4 feet long and the width of a car. It's like going over a "wash board" along with many pot holes to add to the dilemma. Thank you....Christina Gude

  2. I second the need to fill the potholes that developed shortly after filling the patch in the first place. It is necessary to slow down and risk getting rear ended. Mrs. Gude's previous message does a great job of explaining where it is. I would like to ADD that the on-ramp to highway 80 east/680 south has 2 major potholes just past the Green Valley Road intersection that needs to be filled, please.

  3. Thanx for second'ing' my concerns. And yes...the potholes are ever-growing and what with the rain will be worse. I have been rear-ended twice so have a bit of PTSD going on and when jerks behind me just as I'm slowing for the area I mentioned get mad at me, I often wonder if I'm gonna get hit again.

  4. The torture our roadway suffers due to excessive daily "punishment" INTO our area via the 80 E offramp and just AFTER the overcrossing now has developed 2 nasty potholes at its base where all the construction is going on for the extension and connections of 80; 680; and 12 (Jameson Canyon). I already reported the "washboard" sensation which was fixed (thank you).

    However, when I am heading towards Vallejo on 80 W and using that torturous ramp to blend with 80 from Green Valley Rd, I HAVE to take it slow. Ideally, upon using exit ramps, one should accelerate BEFORE hitting the freeway in order to MATCH the speed of the traffic. BUT, this narrow as well as in great disrepair area, doesn't allow for that. I am wondering what WE can do to convince the construction team this is a DEFINITE hazard. Others have concluded as well as admitted, that IMPATIENT drivers get visibly angry with us for having to slow down....everything from tailgating to one finger salute to honking. This has now caused us to feel we need to circumvent this by taking REDTOP road to join with 80, but does no good for those of us who need to use 12 to go to Napa.

    In conclusion: please fix potholes at base of over-crossing on Green Valley Rd. just BEFORE the intersection of Business Center Dr. and do SOMETHING to smooth out the tortuous as well as dangerous NARROW on ramp onto 80 E.

    Thank you, and I can be reached at as well.